Irene Vicente

Sat. 28th 8pm Teatre Principal Cúpula 55' Price: 7€

Unheimlich ponders on our behavior as spectators of the bodies exhibited in art museums and challenges ruling feminine aesthetic canons taking as a starting point the bodies of four performers, whose corporealities do not correspond those standards. Unheimlich is an inside look and at the same time a look behind the scenes of these canonical examples.

How many hours spent the model immobilized, so the painter could reach his final result? How does nudity become an object to be consumed by the observer? How do we as spectators activate the different kind of discourses around these representations?

Cia. Pelipolaca questions where ethics and intimacy remain in the representations of female bodies and how does art manage to transcend those elements, which seem to be banned from our everyday life.

Fitxa artística

Direction: Irene Vicente Salas
Actresses: Belén Bouso, Núria Corominas, Rut Girona, Gal·la Sabaté
Movement and Direction Assistance: Carla Tovias
Production: Maria Antolín
Lightning design: Joana Serra
Sound space design: Sofia Martori
Scenography and manikins: Dani García (Halley Productions)
Costume advice: Néstor Reina
Dramaturgy advice: Carmen Salinas
Thanks: Mery Mestre, Nina López