Una pequeña parte de este mundo (A Small Part Of This World)

La Señorita Blanco

Sun. 30th 12pm Pl. de l'Assemblea de Catalunya 50' Free

745 billion people in the world.

An average of 180 women killed every day.

Definitely, we’re just a small part of this world.

Una pequeña parte de este mundo is a community-involving piece: La Señorita Blanco works with a group of women from La Maurina, a neighbourhood in Terrassa. Every member of the group will chip in with scraps of their lives to create the piece, which will reclaim that small part of the world as essential as the rest of little parts of our universe.

Fitxa artística

Idea and direction: La Señorita Blanco
Creation: Group of women from La Maurina with La Señorita Blanco
Choreography: La Señorita Blanco and Raffaele Angellini
Assistant to direction: Raffaele Angellini
Sound space: Sergio de Pablo
Executive producer: Raül Perales Haro
Producers: Festival TNT-Terrassa Noves Tendències and La Señorita Blanco