Un teatre al jardí (A theatre in the garden)

Cia Minimons

Sat. 28th From 5pm to 8pm Vapor Ventalló Free

A sensorial and itinerant show where families will have the leading roles within this experience and will travel through the countries that Patric visits, the protagonist of this story. Through an installation made of wood boxes we will travel the streets of New York, the Opera of Paris, the squares of Rome, Lisboa bookstores, customs of Japan, Praga theatres, Rusian transiberian and Nepal. Ready for the trip? Suitcase, passport, desire of adventure … and go ahead!

Fitxa artística

Directors, creators amd original idea by Pancho García i Marta Joan.
Actors: Pancho García, Marta Joan i Giovanna Pezzullo.
Scenographic Design: Pancho García, Marta Joan, David
Batignani, Mariano Santafosta, Nelson Jara, Gabriella Salvaterra, Antonia Tèrmens i Victoria Viñas.
Original Tale: Marta Joan i Pancho García.
Lighting & sound: Pancho García.
Photography and video: Anna Puit.