El bosque (The woods)

Pablo Gisbert i Juan Navarro

Thu. 27h + Fri. 28th + Sat. 29th Thu: 7pm + 9.30pm / Fri: 4pm to 11.30pm / Sat: 12pm to 12 am Sala Muncunill 3 days 3€

It’s dark night.

If you look deeply, you’ll see some dense, impenetrable woods. There are some youngsters hiding in these woods.

The branches cover what they’re doing.

They’re alone, imagining constructions made of vegetal waste. They rule out any other building material.

Nature asks them for nothing.

They won’t leave the woods because they don’t care about what goes on out of the woods. Everything around them deserves to disappear.

Only the woods remain. Maybe the future is right there.

Fitxa artística

Direction, dramaturgy: Juan Navarro & Pablo Gisbert
Live music: AMSIA
Technical director and video editing: Ferdy Esparza
Performers: Ángel De los Santos, Edgar López, Yago Navarro, Camilo López, Pablo Gisbert, Juan Navarro y Jerónimo Bravo
Set design: Jeronimo Bravo
Video: Sara López, Nico di Masso
Production: CIELO DRIVE
Producers: Festival TNT-Terrassa Noves Tendències, La Poderosa and La Pedrera