Sólo Sola (Just Alone)

Cia Iván Góngora

Sat. 28th 5:15pm Torre del Palau 20' Free

A beat from the innermost to make the intensity of deep pain visible, the despair of the fight, the lightness of the liberation and the caress of a woman’s beauty.

The Cia. Iván Góngora works in the constant search for new records for flamenco, that dances with genres such as dance theatre, performance and hip-hop. Sólo sola is a piece directed by Iván Góngora himself who, after a year of research, integrates styles and sounds i a single emotion performed by a woman. This time he has the collaboration of the artist Kanga Valls, a symbol of hip-hop with unique and original creativity, to get the best out of the multidisciplinary dancer Yaiza de los Muros who performs the piece. Paula Domínguez’s voice and piano along with the silence and the unpredictable sound of space, will be the music of this piece.

Fitxa artística

Performer: Yaiza de los Muros
Voice and piano: Paula Domínguez
Choreography: Kanga Valls and Iván Góngora
Original idea and direction: Iván Góngora
Video: Joana Merce
Photography: Blas del Amo
Thanks: Ca la Vidala and Albert Rovira