Parecer felices (Looking Happy)

El pollo campero comidas para llevar

Sat. 29th sept. 5.30pm Sala Maria Plans 1h 15' 7€

Parecer felices is a scenic research steming from the parallel realities we live in, from the different characters we play so that what we call world doesn’t slip out of our hands.

There is plenty of things allegedly joyful that make us sad: that’s the drive of the piece.


Fitxa artística

Idea and direction: El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar
Performers: Gloria March Chulvi and Cristina Celada
Outer insight: Albert Pérez Hidalgo
Light and sound design: Sergio Roca and Joana Serra Forasté
Picture: Anabelen Jarrin
Producers: Festival TNT, Antic Teatre and La Poderosa.

In collaboration with l’Estruch-Ajuntament de Sabadell, El Graner and la Visiva. With the support of Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura