Out of the box

Pere Cabaret

Thu. 26th + Fri. 27th + Sat. 28th Th: From 6pm to 9pm - Fri: From 11am to 2pm (exhibition) + From 5pm to 8pm - Sat.: From 11am to 2pm (exhibition) + From 5pm to 8pm Arxiu Tobella 45' Price: 7€

Through diorama (3D models) boxes and micro stories, Out Of The Box proposes a journey through a corner of Pere Cabaret’s imagination. In an increasingly digital world, where information has become doubtful and deceptive, this creator defends his references, both the wide-known and those of his personal circle, at the same time that he pays homage to them with paper and cardboard micro altars. Eccentric characters in a personal 1.0 format reinterpreted through shadows and with the twilight sound of Clara Rueda’s electro-environment. A getaway in each box. A possible memory in each story.

Unique experiences and microhistories for the audience.

Fitxa artística

Creation: Pere Cabaret
Audio voices: Luis Grau, Cristina Serra
Sound production: Clara Rueda
Texts: Alicia Grisbel
Colaboration: Eduard Nuñez, Montserrat Tubau.
Thanks: Matias Krahn, Ilaria Sansotta, Jotadark&David.