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Sat. 30th sept. 5pm Casa Alegre de Sagrera 75' Free

The avantgarde musical ensemble MIS, along with dancer and performer Pere Faura and Terrassa’s Municipal Band, takes us on an unparalelled guided tour around the emblematic Casa Alegre de Sagrera, and then onto the streets of the city centre.

This journey will induce unexpected and moving soundscapes, as it reinterprets the inner and outdoor urban spaces through music and unique and unrepeatable actions and movements that help the audience feel part of the show.

Fitxa artística

Performer: Pere Faura
MIS are:
Conductor: David García Aparicio / Alto sax: Mireia Tejero / Tenor sax: Lluís Vallès / Piano: Montse Massaguer / Cello: Julia Pérez  / Bass:  Xavi Castillo/ Electric guitar: Andrea Rodo / Drums: Mercè Ros
Photo: ®Alessia Bombacci
Producers: Festival TNT and MIS