Correo (Mail)

Paula Aro

Fri. 28th + Sat. 29th. 10.30am + 5.30pm Masia Freixa 60' 7€

Mail presents a group of four researchers specialised in letters under the name of World Archive of Missives Chile. They have been compiling and analizing the letters of paramount people in the history of mankind for five years.

During the show, the audience will be offered to participate in different writing and letter reading exercises, throwing people back in time and sending a very clear message: letters have the power to alter the course of events.

Fitxa artística

Director: Paula Aros Gho
Performers: Daniela Jofré, Patricio Yovane, Carolina Díaz, Sergio Gilabert
Musics: Daniel Marabolí
Design: Claudia Yolín
Production: Carolina Díaz