Llac (Lake)


Sun. 30th 6pm Teatre Principal 50' 7,00€

A kid walks into the woods. There he finds a deer, a hunter and other marvelous creatures. Llac is the kid’s journey. A journey we will do with music, puppets and gesture theatre and during which we will blur the limits between reality and fiction.

Llac is a different family show. It’s not a tale, not even a story in the traditional sense of the word. It’s a kid’s show, but not a show (only) for kids.


Fitxa artística

Idea and performers: Alba Valldaura i Nicolás Carbajal
Creation and music: Patricia Cadaveira i Marcel Pascual
External eye: Laura Calvet
Puppets: Arnau Colom, Laura Calvet
Costumes: Marina Díaz
Light design and technical chief: Pol Queralt
Executive producer: Pau Gómez
Press: Anna Brullet
Graphic design: Mariona Alberich
Video: Gerard Pérez
Producers: L'Embarral

In collaboration with CAET-Centre d'Arts Escèniques de Terrassa, L'Estruch and Pedagogia de l'Espectacle