Pere Faura

Sat. 28th 10pm Auditori Price: 10,50€

Incurables is a three-way collaborative project involving choreographer Pere Faura (La Diürna), video artists duo Tatiana Halbach and Soren Christensen (Desilence) and musician and music producer Albert Salinas (Dj Wooky). They’ve created a multidisciplinary dance show, with movement video-capture technology and inedit electronic music.
The show combines the techno scene, clubbing and nightlife with the apocalyptic zombie universe in an innovative format where the interaction between dance, video projections and electronic music becomes a live performed silent horror film about three party animals that turn into living dead.
Through movement sensors integrated in the body of three dancers, the show reveals different possibilities of interaction between body movement and video image, creating a trip for the senses where the viewer is immersed in a shocking collective virtual reality experience.

Fitxa artística

Creation: Pere Faura, Tatiana Halbach and Søren Christensen
Art direction and choreography: Pere Faura
Visual set and technological creation: Desilence
Sound space and musical composition: Albert Salinas (DJ Wooky)
Performers: Víctor Pérez Armero, Claudia Solwat and Javier Vaquero
Costumes: Iván Santo & Fer Decartaya
Lightning design: Guillem Gelabert
Direction assistant: Anna Serrano
Dramaturgy advice: Marc Angelet

Zombie boys and girls: Karen Christensen, Ivo Christensen, Judith Vila, Tarikua Soler
Visual scenography assistant: Laura Suñé
Lightning assistant: Iván Cascón
Set construction: Jaume Grau
Executive production: Sandra Casals and Aixa González (La Diürna) – Mont Soler (Desilence)
A production of La Diürna and Desilence supported by ICEC (Departament de Cultura - Generalitat de
Catalunya), ICUB (Fàbrica de creació Fabra i Coats), Fàbrica de creació El Graner (Mercat
de les Flors), Festival Temporada Alta, El Konvent de Berga.
Thanks: Sergio Roca, Sergi Faustino, Mauricio Serrado, Bàrbara Raubert