Handle With Care

Diana Gadish

Sat. 28th 6pm Vapor Ventalló 40' Free

“Handle with care” is a show that plays with simple elements like cardboard boxes and papers, with the plasticity of forms and with the atmospheres created through movement.
With a suggestive and poetic visual language, the interaction between the actress and the audience is developed to share the protagonism and completely transform the space.

Winner of the last GRUA edition in TNT 2018.

Fitxa artística

Interpretation and creation: Diana Gadish
Music: Marc Rodrigo
Direction: Sergi Estebanell
Scenography: Alberto Carreño and Tony Muchland
Costume design: Jorge Dutor
Photographies: Cris Palomar
For all ages/No text
Co-production: Fira Tàrrega and El Graner
Supports: Festival Escena Poblenou, OSIC (Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya), CRA’P and La Poderosa