Gota a gota (Dripping)

El Canto de la Cabra

Sat. 28th 6pm Teatre Alegria 70' Price: 10,50€

Immobilized, paralyzed, stranded … consciously, constantly, fulfilling the mandate. Soon we won’t feel anything, if we’re not there yet. Then we’ll be able to enjoy our complicity in the face of disaster without pain, without remorse. We’ll enjoy, for example, our beaches, our well-deserved holiday rest without being bothered by the dead floating around us. We humans always find solutions for everything.

Gota a Gota is a poetic celebration of life. A poetic celebration of death. A sacred ceremony. A pagan ceremony. It’s a beautiful meeting of fragile, beautiful, wounded, frightened, lost beings… A desperate attempt to help us cope with destruction, with confusion … It’s the drop that overflowed the glass. It is also what you want to see.

Fitxa artística

Creation, Direction, texts and scenic space: Elisa Gálvez and Juan Úbeda
At stage: David Climent, Carmen Menager, Raquel Sánchez and Juan Úbeda
Lightning, sound and machine engineer: Gaizka Rementeria
Lightning and sound space: Juan Úbeda

Production assistant: Carmen Menager
Text edition and publication: Aflera (Pliegos de teatro y danza)
Artist residences: L´Animal a l’esquena. (Celrá. Girona). Teatro Ensalle (Vigo)
Production: El Canto de la Cabra