Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort

Thu. 26th + Fri. 27th 7pm Teatre Alegria 75' Price: 16€

If we had the opportunity to start from scratch, even in a space of 8 meters by 10, how would we do it? Germinal features individuals who see the stage as an empty and fruitful space where everything is in the making. Within this space, efforts will be made to create a system or, in more candid terms, one might say: a world. In Germinal we are indeed reinventing the wheel, but in doing so, we are questioning almost everything and putting it on trial, from the laws of physics to the foundation of social interaction. And this is done within the relatively narrow context of an empty performance stage.

Germinal arrives in Terrassa after having successfully toured Europe, the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Japan, etc. This will be the first occasion that can be seen in Spain.

Fitxa artística

Conception: Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort
Interpretation: Arnaud Boulogne, Beatriz Setién, Denis Robert, Halory Goerger and the voice of Mathilde Maillard
Technical conception: Maël Teillant
General and stage manager: Colin Plancher
Lightning and video: Alice Dussart
Sound: Stéphane Lévêque

Support of Le Phénix European Creative Hub and the cooperation between Catalunya/Espanya - Institut Ramon Llull and Acción Cultural Española