Què fas Carlota?

Sat. 29th sept. From 5pm to 8pm Plaça Vapor Ventallò Installation Free

-Can you help me hang out the laundry?
-Can you hand me a couple of pins?
-What did you find in here?
-Look what I did, mom!
-Aaaaah! Who scattered all the pins around?
-It’s a train!

A household element as a pin turns into a thousand different things, giving us endless possibilities to build new worlds. Or just hang out clothes. Everybody plays sometimes with pins. If you never did it now it’s your time. And if you have played before, let yourself go into the magic of the pins.

Fitxa artística

Idea: Queralt Illa and Àngel Sabaté
Director: Queralt Illa
Producers: Què fas Carlota?