EL LOREN – The Human Drum Machine

El Loren

Sat. 28th 5:30pm + 7pm Carrer Major 45' Free

Unique instruments, designed and handmade by El Loren (Lorenza Mena). A set in constant evolution formed by PVC pipes, paint cans, paellas, bicycle bells, hashtrays …. Everything is possible. Always recycled elements.

An artist that founds in electronic music his source of inspiration through which he achieves a hypnotic ambient based on organic rhythms encouraging to dance to audiences all around the world. Music and rhythms influenced by funk, drum and bass, electro, techno and progressive. With this street show El Loren promotes sustainability, recycling and self-management, mixing its ludic and pedagogic character with the energy that emerges from the interaction with his audience.

Fitxa artística

Lorenzo Mena Moreno