El candidato (The Candidate)

Marc Villanueva Mir

Fri. 28th + Sat. 29th. + Sun. 30th 10am + 12.30pm + 5pm Private houses 90' 10,50€

1969. After the troubled May of 1968, an independent book shop called L’impensé radical opens in Paris. It’s specialised in strategy games, most of them unknown to the public. And the book shop has a peculiar ambition: dechipher the mechanisms of politic power and domination techniques through those games.

50 years have passed, and The Candidate retrieves one of the boardgames launched by L’impensé for the audience, which will play a performative game of eight players in a private house.

Friday and Saturday at 10am the shows will be in English


Fitxa artística

Idea and performance: Marc Villanueva Mir
Sound space: Gerard Valverde Ros
Production: Impremtes Viola Sprengel
Producers: Festival TNT-Terrassa Noves Tendències. With the support of Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft of Gießen