Cold Blood

Michèle Anne de Mey, Jaco Van Dormael i Collectif Kiss & Cry

Fri. 28th + Sat. 29th 9.30pm (Fri.) - 8pm (Sat.) Teatre Principal 75' 26€

Is there life before death? That’s the big question posed by the surprisingly funny and whimsical new show from the troupe behind ArtsEmerson’s 2013 word-of-mouth phenomenon, Kiss & Cry. Utilizing that same theatrical magic — cinematic techniques, miniature sets, dancing hands and a poetic voice-over — Cold Blood cycles through a series of different lives (and deaths) in a hypnotic dream-like state. Under the direction of Belgian choreographer and dancer Michèle Anne De Mey and the award-winning filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael master artists use live film projection on stage to bring miniature worlds into full view of the audience.

Fitxa artística

A show by Michèle Anne De Mey, Jaco Van Dormael and the collectif Kiss & Cry Texts Thomas Gunzig

Mise en scène: 
Jaco Van Dormael & Michèle Anne De Mey
Texts: Thomas Gunzig
Screenplay: Thomas Gunzig, Jaco Van Dormael & Michèle Anne De Mey
Cinematography: Jaco Van Dormael & Julien Lambert
Choreography: Michèle Anne De Mey & Grégory Grosjean
Dancers: Michèle Anne De Mey, Grégory Grosjean & Gabriella Iacono
Cameraman: Julien Lambert assisted by Aurélie Leporcq
Set Designer: Sylvie Olivé assisted by François Roux, Juliette Fassin, Théodore Brisset, Brigitte Baudet
Light designer: Nicolas Olivier assisted by Bruno Olivier
Sound designer: Boris Cekevda
Performers: Michèle Anne De Mey, Grégory Grosjean, Gabriella Iacono, Julien Lambert, Aurélie Leporcq, Bruno Olivier, Stefano Serra, Jaco Van Dormael
Photographer: Julien Lambert
Technical Coordinator: Thomas Dobruzskès
Production Helene Dubois (Astragale asbl)
Tour manager: Thomas Van Cottom / MoDul cie

Director Harry Cleven
Dancers: Manuela Rastaldi, Nora Alberdi, Gregory Grosjean
Camera: Julien Lambert assisted by Pierre de Wurstemberger
Light: Yann Hoogstoel Sound Boris Cekevda
Sets and manipulations: Ivan Fox, Stefano Serra
Interpreters: Harry Cleven, Manuela Rastaldi, Grégory Grosjean, Nora Alberdi, Julien Lambert, Pierre de Wurstemberger, Yann Hoogstoel Narrators Toby Regbo (EN)
Translations: Gladys Brookfield-Hampson (EN)
Technical coordinator: Thomas Dobruszkès/Astragales asbl
Production: Hélène Dubois/Astragale asbl
Tourmanager: Thomas Van Cottom/ MoDul cie

Producer Astragales asbl (BE) Co producer Associated producer Théâtre de Namur (BE)