Cobalto (Cobalt)

Laila Tafur & Alba Rihe

Sat. 28th 1pm Teatre Principal Creation in process Price: 10,50€

“The crack crackles as it grows, because it makes headway, threatening the solidity and unity of one thing. The thing stalks me, but if it has cracks then the thing is stalked by the crack. The crack screams as it grows on, because it’s unstoppable and in its advance it allows other things that are not her to strain, or him, or whatever. That’s capillarity and it’s a potential that exists in everything that is liquid, in everything that has a limit as a membrane. I would say in everything that is. It is fascinating.”

Rihe and Tafur come from different disciplines, one sings humor, the other dances the meat, but both avid of crackle go to each other’s place. Without prejudices and shared sources, multiple methodologies and tools and collaboratives structure a tutiplén. What does dancing have to sing? How to set the speeches into actions?

Fitxa artística

Direction and body: Laila Tafur and Alba Rihe
Escort lady: Jorge Dutor
Tentacles: Jessica Monoroi
Continuous eyes: Aitana Cordero
Punctual eyes: Carolina Campos and more to come
Sound: Adrià Gil