Circo de pulgas (Flea Circus)

Matarile Teatro

Fri. 28th 7.30pm Teatre Alegria 90' 16€

Es vous êtes pris dans lle reve de l`autre, vous êtes foutu
(If you’re trapped in someone else’s dream, you’re screwed)
Gilles Deleuze

Our degenerate circus:
a collection of tamed fleas
a constant balance of monsters, strange little beasts
always different, the others

The fascinating risk of the fall
and the pointless explanation:
it’s impossible to express why
nobody wants to come down the trapeze.

[Fragment from a poem by Ana Vallés]


Fitxa artística

Idea and direction: Ana Vallés
Cast: Mónica García, Núria Sotelo, Celeste Gonzalez, Ricardo Santana, Oscar Codesido, Ana Vallés
Light and set design: Baltasar Patiño
Producer/manager: Juancho Gianzo
Choreography: Mónica García, Núria Sotelo, Celeste Gonzalez, Ricardo Santana
Assistant to direction: Baltasar Patiño, Jacobo Bugarín and Alfonso Míguez
Video: EdiciónRusa
Photo: Rubén Vilanova
Costumes: Matarile Teatre, Naftalina, swimsuit by Núria González
Producers: Matarile Teatro with saLa Montiel AGADIC - Xunta de Galicia Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria.