Casa (House)

Rectangle negre

Sat. 29th From 12pm to 12am Plaça Torre del Palau 12h Free

What would happen if we set a house in a public space? What goes on when a home is created where there’s no shelter, where the inhabitants are constantly exposed to the strangers’ gaze?

Casa is a space shared by six characters, a public house that encourages everyone to observe from the outside what happens in the inside, to participate of its routines and conflicts. Casa is a subversive, surrealistic, inclusive reflection of everyday life.


Fitxa artística

Concept: David Corral i Lluís Ruiz
Director: Lluís Ruiz
Cast: Gemma Compte, David Corral, Àlex Marteen, Biel Martínez, Lorena Muñoz, Lluís Ruiz
Set: David Corral
Sound space: Àlex Marteen
Producers: Rectangle Negre