El demà


Thu. 26th 10:45pm Casa de la Música 60' Price: 7€

From La Garriga (Barcelona), Balago have become one of the few bands that perfectly exemplify what should be the music of the XXI century, a constant evolution in the sound looking to break new ground from experimentation.

Five years after its last record “Darder” and seventeen after its debut, Balago starts over from scratch. “El demà (“Tomorrow”) is an absolute rethinking about their ideas. More imaginative, lucid and shocking than ever, this new work concentrates all its universe: the ambient starting point, el encuentro between electronic programming and analogic obsession, the estallidos of cautious melancholy, the hard influence of sci-fi, religion or philosophy … A band that must be lived and discovered and which is one of the experimental music proposals of TNT 2019.

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