Arma de construcción masiva (Weapon of mass construction)

José y sus hermanas

Sat. 29th sept. 7.30pm Amics de les Arts 80' 7,00€

The company José y sus hermanas dives into the topic of education in nowadays Spain and its multiple sides.

How does education influence our role in the world? How do we understand the answer to that question? What’s education? School education, with all the reforms suffered and the protests all around the country? Family education? The audiovisual world we live in, with all its images, music and social media? Education is everything that models us, every social and linguistic construct we validate and make our own.


Fitxa artística

Idea:José y sus hermanas
Director/dramaturgy: Sílvia Ferrando
Cast: Francesc Cuéllar, Alejandro Curiel, Marta Díez, Carolina Manero, Gemma Polo, Glòria Ribera
Light design:
Producers: Festival TNT-Terrassa Noves Tendències and José y sus hermanas