A Nation Is Born In Me

Soren Evinson

Fri. 28th. 4pm Sala Maria Plans 60' 7€

When a group of people gather to do something, it’s usually fun. Groups are charged with pleasure, power and exclusion. It’s inevitable. And feeling pleasure is fun, exercise power is fun and excluding others is also fun. There’s plenty of fun. A Nation Is Born In Me is a research into these elements to see how they interact to strengthen each other.

Fitxa artística

Idea, text and performance: Soren Evinson
Music: Daniel Papell
Dramaturgy assistant: Florine Lindner
Costumes and props: Samara Scott
Scenic object builder: Charlie Hope
Light design: Julia Bauer
Production assistant: Marine Budin

Producers: Festival TNT-Terrassa Noves Tendències, Le Phénix Valenciennes, Antic Teatre and Kulturfabrik

With the support of Graner-Mercat de les Flors, Konvent.0, L'Estruch and Teatre Enjòlit.
Special aknowledgments: Elena Carmona, Sarah Daumerie, Roberto Fratini, Arnau Marin, Anna Rovira, Semolina Tomic, Marc Vives, Ann King